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I went ahead and added three new plugins today. The first of which being Advanced Achievments.

AACH allows for me to go in and create custom achievements for you guys to work towards. There are currently a decent number of different achievements ranging from picking up 40 items off the ground to placing 1000 stone blocks. This plugins allows me to also give out rewards for completing these different tasks. I have a lot of possibility to create end game objectives to work toward.

To get started with the new achievements, use /aach in game.

Pets just received an overhaul! It's pretty annoying seeing all these pets around the spawn area, sitting there for days at a time, and often forgotten about. Pet Master allow...

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I don't know about you guys, but I've been pretty burnt out on the server. During my time on other games I've been brainstorming different ways to spice up the server a bit more so that there's more for us to do while we're trapped in our homes.

First order of business, I added a server resource pack! Thanks to Xisuma's VanillaTweaks website, I made some slight changes to how in-game textures and sounds work.


  • Aesthetic
    1. Instead of yellow, Iron Golems now have red flowers on their... skin.
    2. Leather armor is no longer brown, and will instead show up as white.
  • Terrain
    1. The sun and moon are now circular. Blasphemy,...

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Welcome! 3 months ago

Welcome to the official SimpCraft website!

Here you will be able to follow updates and talk among other players about current server happenings.

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