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Ocean Freight /Collect at the Wharf We offer shipping services to many destinations across the Caribbean and Central America by sea; utilizing various Ocean Carriers to optimize getting your cargo to destination in the shortest time frame possible. Shipments usually arrive within two (2) to three (3) weeks*. We pick up barrels, boxes, furniture, appliances and packages throughout London. You can also have these items delivered or dropped off at our warehouse for fast efficient service. You can even pack your barrels and boxes at our locations for your convenience. Click here for tips when packing barrels/boxes. You can schedule your pick up, by calling any of our offices and providing the name, address, phone number of the shipper as well as the name, address and phone number of the receiver/consignee.  for an estimate.    

For your convenience, you can also schedule your pick up online by clicking here. We offer a vast array of custom crating and packaging alternatives. You can bring your items to our warehouse for crating/packaging. We provide crates for glass items, television and electronics, marble, granites, fragile items and much more so you can ship with peace of mind. We have standard shipping rates for barrels. For non-barrel items, contact us with the length, width and height

Door To Door Shipping

Door to Door service entails delivering shipped items to the receiver’s address in Jamaica Dennis Shipping will complete the customs process on behalf of the consignee. This includes customs checking the shipped items in the presence of a Dennis Shipping representative. This takes the hassle out of your loved one having to be at the port to clear shipments. The following is required to process the door to door shipments: Valid Form of ID (government-issued) TRN (Tax Registration Number) An itemized packing list detailing contents and value of shipment must be provided upon pick up ***Note well, the name & spelling of the consignee must match the ID used. Any discrepancies the shipper will have to do an amendment letter addressed to Jamaica Customs to make changes. The consignee will also have to pay a fee in Jamaica to effect changes. Contact Us Today for more information!

Vehicles Shipping

Vehicles shipped with your peace of mind by utilizing all of our extensive equipment, expertise and resources. We ship cars, vans, trucks and more. Contact us today for a quote. The following is required before a vehicle can be shipped:
  . Original Title / V5C Logo Book
. Original Bill of Sale / Invoices 
. Jamaica Pre-Inspection Certificate (Applies to used vehicles being shipped to Jamaica) . . ..   Import Trade License (Applies to vehicles being shipped to Jamaica. 

For vehicles being shipped to other Caribbean destination, we suggest checking with local Customs to ensure you are in compliance with importation rules for vehicles and the age limit. For commercial trucks & boats, please contact us with the following for a quote: Year, Make & Model Length Width Height Weight Value

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Returning Residents & Full & Part Container Loads

Returning Residents & Full & Part Container Loads A returning resident is someone who has lived outside of their native/national country for several years and is returning to reside permanently. At Dennis Shipping, we provide free estimate for returning residents who are moving their entire homes and personal belongs. Consult with your local government to see if you qualify for the returning resident status and for any available perks. For Jamaican returning nationals, the Jamaica Customs Department formally establishes your eligibility for concessions as a Returning Resident. In order to establish eligibility, the following will be required to submit: Jamaican Passport TRN Validated Bill of Lading or Airway Bill Such documentary evidence as may substantiate your residence outside of Jamaica for more than the past three (3) years (short visits will not affect eligibility). Documentary evidence as may substantiate your intention to re-establish permanent residence in Jamaica. Students will also have to provide a letter from the educational institution attended confirming the duration of study or transcript. The Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration form (C27) done electronically at the airport by the examining Customer officer on request. You can visit the Jamaica Customs website for more information. 

Full Container Load If you want to ship your own container, we can definitely handle this. Whether it’s a 20 foot or a 40 foot container filled with furniture, appliances or any of your personal belongings call us today for a quote.

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