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by tim » about 1 month ago

I went ahead and added three new plugins today. The first of which being Advanced Achievments.

AACH allows for me to go in and create custom achievements for you guys to work towards. There are currently a decent number of different achievements ranging from picking up 40 items off the ground to placing 1000 stone blocks. This plugins allows me to also give out rewards for completing these different tasks. I have a lot of possibility to create end game objectives to work toward.

To get started with the new achievements, use /aach in game.

Pets just received an overhaul! It's pretty annoying seeing all these pets around the spawn area, sitting there for days at a time, and often forgotten about. Pet Master allows for us to have better control over our pets, and lets us figure out which pets belong to each player! Just right click any tamed pet (dog, cat, parrot, etc.) and above your health/hunger bars a message will appear showing you the pet's owner and its health.

If you do /petm in game you can see the different commands you have access to with this plugin.

The third plugin I added is an analytics plugin that lets me see what is going on with the server so I can better make the time you guys spend online enjoyable.